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Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo
"Gregory Shifrin and Irina Kotlyar, winners in 1999, are extraordinary! Their programming is excellent, their musicianship- superb, their pianism- brilliant.
They are stars!"
Loretta Dranoff- famous duo pianist, founder and director of the Murray Dranoff International Two Piano Competition (Miami, Florida)


  Irina Kotlyar & Gregory Shifrin - Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo is one of the most sophisticated and demanded ensembles among the new generation of Israeli musicians. The Kotlyar- Shifrin Duo has won several International prizes and awards, including the Murrey Dranoff International Two Piano Competition (1999,Miami, USA) and the International competition in Poland (1999). The Duo was among three finalists of the ARD International Competition (2000,Munich, Germany).

The Kotlyar-Shifrin Duo has performed with many orchestras including  Bavarian Radio Orchestra,  New World Orchestra of Miami, Bialystok Philharmonic Orchestra,  Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Israeli Chamber Orchestra. The Duo held countless performances in Israel, Europe and America. The Duo is invited to participate in Israel Festival (Jerusalem) since 1998.  The Duo performed at the 1st International Piano Duo Festival in Israel (Tel-Aviv,2003).

The Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo plays an active role on the Israeli chamber music scene. The Duo performed frequently in Targ Music Center (Ein-Kerem), directed by legendary piano duo Bracha Eden- Alexander Tamir, and in Jerusalem Music Center (Mishkenot Shaananim). Duo's studio recordings and live performances have been broadcast on "The Voice of Music", Israeli classical music radio station. By special invitation of Israeli Government the Duo performed in Israeli Knesset (parliament).

 Duo Kotlyar-Shifrin released recently their new CD in Music from Ein-Kerem series.

Irina Kotlyar and Gregory Shifrin immigrated to Israel in the early 90's from the former Soviet Union, and studied at the Jerusalem Rubin Music Academy - Irina with Prof. Vadim Monastyrski and Gregory with Prof. Irina Berkovitch. It was there that they met in 1994, and began to play together as a duo under the guidance of Professor's Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir. After six months the duo was awarded with the first prize at the Academy's Concerto Competition and performed with the Academy's Symphony Orchestra. Since then, the duo has continued its successful path, giving numerous performances in Israel and abroad, while preserving the performance tradition they received from their mentors, Eden and Tamir. The Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo participated in master classes with Samuel Sanders, Valter Hauzig, Claude Franc, Jeremy Menuchin, Dmitry Bashkirov and Alexander Korsantia.

The repertoire of the duo consists of masterpieces for piano duo and piano four hands. In addition, both Irina and Gregory are engaged in piano and chamber music teaching.






The most recently released CD of Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo

Samples from the CD
Mozart. Sonata in C-maj for piano 4 hands:




Max Reger. Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Beethoven op.86

Variation #3

Variation #4

Fugue. Allegro con spirito.

Sample of a Poulenc Concerto

Larghetto (2 movement)